Semester Advising Appointments

Advising for Summer/Fall 2015 has started! Please use SARA to make your appointment. Schedule your appointment today by using the link on the right side of the page. If you are a Spring 2015 graduate, please do not make an appointment on SARA.  Kindly email me directly with specific information regarding the advising assistance needed. 


    Walk-in Hours: Walk-in hours will be available weekly. Walk-in hours are helpful if you have questions about internships, planning ahead, or class concerns. No advising appointments will be held during walk-in hours.

 Walk-in hours: Tuesday- 4:00-5:00 p.m.


Spring 2015 Accounting Major Information Walk-in Hours
If you are a current Terry major that is considering changing your major or adding the Accounting major, and would like to learn more about the Accounting program, these are the Spring 2015 walk-in hours:

Wednesdays 10:00-11:00 a.m.
   *Note: All students must be seen for advising in order to register for the next semester.


  • If you do not notify your Advisor in advance that you are unable to keep an appointment, your absence will be noted as a No-Show. 
  • After ONE (1) No-Show appointment, you will not be able to use SARA to schedule an appointment. 

You will need to contact your Advisor directly to reschedule a time.

How to Earn Accounting Internship Credit

Students are expected to secure their own internships. There are a number of opportunities within the Terry College for students to network with potential employers.

Please contact your Advisor for more information regarding these opportunities.

Requirements for Internship Credit:

1. Grade of C or better in ACCT5000

2. Complete a minimum of 8 weeks of work at 40 hours per week

3. Submission of the internship form to your Advisor

Registering for ACCT5800 can count as an upper division general elective or as a free elective. 

Once you have an internship, complete the Internship_Form and you will be granted access to ACCT 5800. You will need to submit the form to your Advisor in order to gain permission to enroll in ACCT5800.

Students enrolled in ACCT5800 will receive a grade of S/U. The course grade will be based upon the two completed assignments required for the course. 

Internships provide you an opportunity to gain invaluable experience, earn an income, and fulfill 3 hours of credit. 

To help you prepare for the Accounting Career Fair and recruiting, we publish an annual Recruiting Handbook for UGA Accounting students.  It contains a wealth of helpful information, including interview advice, dress code details, and contact information for hundreds of companies and firms.  To access the 2014-2015 Recruiting Handbook,click here.

If you have questions about the recruitment process, securing internships, or any other concerns, please contact your Advisor.


Having trouble uploading your transcript to DAWGlink?


  1. Log into DegreeWorks
  2. Click on Class History 
  3. Take a screenshot of your transcript
  4. Save it as a Word Document
  5. Upload document to DAWGlink under the document section

New to the Major?
Accounting students are required to complete
the following 24 hours of course work:

1st Semester

2nd Semester

3rd Semester

4th Semester

ACCT 5000

ACCT 5400

ACCT 5710  (1.5)

ACCT 5010

ACCT 5100

ACCT 5720  (1.5)

ACCT 5200

ACCT 5310

ACCT 5020

7.5 Hours

7.5 Hours

6 Hours

3 Hours


Accounting Major Curriculum

Required Courses

First Semester

ACCT 5000   Intermediate Accounting I   (3 hours)

Accounting concepts, critical thinking skills, and techniques involved in the accounting process and the preparation of financial statements. Emphasis is on accounting for most assets. Financial statements from the perspective of both preparers and users, accounting standard-setting process, and economic consequences of accounting standards on a firm's stakeholders.         Prerequisites: ACCT 2101 and 2102


ACCT 5400   Taxation I      (3 hours)

A basic federal income tax course covering concepts of taxation applicable to all taxable entities but primarily relating to individuals. Introduces research approaches to tax problems as well as methods of analysis most appropriate to taxation issues.              Prerequisites: ACCT 2101 and 2102


ACCT 5710   Professional Accounting I    (1.5 hours)

Overview of alternative career paths in accounting through interaction with professionals from public accounting, government, and corporations.                 Prerequisites: ACCT 2102


Second Semester

ACCT 5010   Intermediate Accounting II  (3 hours)

A continuation of Intermediate Accounting I. New topics include accounting for intangible assets, current and long-term liabilities, stockholders' equity, earnings per share, and investments.          Prerequisites: ACCT 5000


ACCT 5100   Managerial Accounting I      (3 hours)

The design of accounting systems to serve the internal needs of management with an emphasis on underlying theory. Product costing, including activity-based costing; budgeting and other planning applications, information for decision making, planning and control application for decentralized organizations.          Prerequisites: ACCT 5000


ACCT 5720   Professional Accounting II   (1.5 hours)

Study of professional business communication for accounting majors with an emphasis on improving written business correspondence.                  Prerequisites: ACCT 5710


Third Semester

ACCT 5200   Auditing, Risk Assessment, and Control    (3 hours)
Assurance services with focus on the audit of financial statements. The basic financial statement audit process is discussed including the concepts of evidence, materiality, and risk. The role of professional ethics and legal liability in the auditing profession.          Prerequisites: ACCT 5010         Pre/Co-requisites: ACCT 5310


ACCT 5310   Systems I        (3 hours)

Accounting information systems (AIS), including the role of such systems in an organization, electronic data processing, AIS applications, AIS analysis and design, AIS controls, and the audit of AIS.       Prerequisites: ACCT 2101 and 2102


Fourth Semester

ACCT 5020   Intermediate Accounting III            (3 hours)

A continuation of Intermediate Accounting II. New topics include revenue recognition, accounting changes and errors, income taxes, pensions, and leases.        Prerequisites: ACCT 5010



Consider adding a Minor or completing a Certificate Program if you have between 12-20 hours remaining, beyond the required courses.

  Beta Alpha Psi Information 

 2014-2015 Officers

President Erin Shultz
VP of Programs  Kaitlin Huguenard
VP of Activities Heather Houston
VP of Initiates Jenna Fleming
Secretary Grant Eddy
Reporter Rob Thomson
Treasurer Daniela Romero


Spring 2015 Schedule of Meetings

1/22 -- KPMG

2/5 -- Deloitte

2/19 -- Moore Colson and Mauldin & Jenkins

3/19 -- Dixon Hughes Goodman

3/26 -- Elliot Davis

4/2 -- Crowe Horwath 

All meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. for initiates and 7:00 for all other accounting students. Attire is business casual. All meetings will be held in Sanford Room 213

Interested in joining Beta Alphi Psi?

The minimum requirements for Undergraduate Students are:

3.25 or higher accounting GPA after 5 accounting courses (this includes ACCT 2101 and 2102) and an overall GPA of 3.2 or higher OR 3.5 or higher accounting GPA after 4 accounting classes (this includes principles) and an overall GPA of 3.2 or higher. 

The faculty advisor for Beta Alpha Psi is Amanda Farmer.

Email with questions.

Need to calculate your Accounting GPA?

To calculate your Accounting GPA, you need to add the total quality points

(the credit hrs x the value of the grade) and divide by total hours.

Don't forget that Acct 5710 & 5720 are 1.5 hr credits!

3 hr A, 1.5 hr B, 3 hr B+ =
(3hrs x 4 pts) + (1.5hrs x 3 pts) + (3hrs x 3.3 pts) =
12 + 4.5 + 9.9 = 26.4

26.4 total quality points ÷ 7.5 total hrs = 3.52

Below is the information you will need:









D=1.0 F=0.0