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Resume Book

The Terry Real Estate Program and the Terry Real Estate Society sponsor a virtual resume book that gives members the opportunity to post their resumes on the Internet.

In addition to the website, a mailing will inform hundreds of employers about the site. In order to post your resume on the Real Estate web page and be included in the resume book mailing, you must be a real estate major and a member of the Real Estate Society. Instructions on how to submit your resume will be emailed to the listserv each semester.

Internship Program

The University of Georgia’s Real Estate program offers students the chance to simultaneously earn money, obtain experience, gain crucial practical knowledge that cannot be learned through coursework, and earn credit toward a degree. Intern sponsors often find the students to be real assets and some even offer them full-time positions upon graduation. Both small and large corporations all over the United States have participated in the program. (Employers wishing to provide an internship please visit the Internship Placement page.)

Students interested in an internship should read the information below very carefully.

Internship Guidelines

In order to qualify for an internship, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Real Estate major with at least 60 earned hours prior to the term in which you will be working and enrolled for internship credit.
  • Have a minimum overall GPA of 2.5.
  • Have successfully completed REAL 4000 with a grade of "C" or better.

For an internship to qualify, it must provide:

  • Relevant work experience in your area of study.
  • Compensation of at least $8.00/hour.
  • At least 150 hours of work for 3 hours credit and at least 300 hours of work for 6 hours credit.

Obtaining an internship

You should make every effort to find your own position at the beginning of the semester before you wish to intern for credit. If you are a Real Estate major and a Real Estate Society member, you will automatically be added to the REALINFO listserv and be notified of internship positions as they become available. ALL students are strongly encouraged to register with DAWGlink in order have access to employment information provided through the Career Center. If you take a job through a lead generated by the department (including those listed on DAWGlink), you must register for course credit.

After obtaining an internship, you must:

  • Complete the online Job Confirmation Form.
  • Register for REAL 4800. Please allow at least 3 working days after you submit your job confirmation form for registration eligibility. You will receive an email from your academic advisor as soon as you are cleared to register for REAL 4800. You may enroll for either 3 or 6 hours credit. You must work at least 150 hours for 3 hours credit and at least 300 hours for 6 hours credit. As with any course in which you receive academic credit, you will need to pay tuition for these hours.

Internship Coursework Requirements

(due after completing your internship)

For specific information on the internship requirements, please refer to the course syllabus. The information provided below is for reference purposes only.

  • Photograph of you with your employer’s sign
  • One page summary
  • Journal of daily activities
  • Paper analyzing your employer and your activities during your internship
  • Supervisor evaluation - The department will request this information from your supervisor upon completion of your internship.


  • If you are scheduled to graduate at the end of the semester in which you are enrolled in your internship, all materials must be submitted to the Department Office no later than 5:00 pm on the last day of classes for that semester.
  • If you are not scheduled to graduate and you do not need a grade reported for any other reason by the end of the semester in which you are enrolled in your internship, all materials must be submitted to the Department Office, 206 Brooks Hall, no later than 5:00 pm on the midpoint of the semester after the one in which you are enrolled in 4800. Spring interns must have their materials in to the department by the mid-point of the Summer Thru Session. You will receive a grade of incomplete ("I") until all of your materials are received and graded. All pertinent dates can be found on the academic calendar.

Job Confirmation

for RMIN/REAL 4800

Please submit this form only after you have accepted your job. If your job is approved, you will be put on the access list for the appropriate class so that you can register on OASIS. Under most circumstances, you should allow at least three working days for job approval and access.

Please do not submit incomplete forms.

Your Information
Job Information

Spam Check

By submitting this form you understand the minimum requirements are:

  1. $8.00/hour
  2. 300 hours worked for 6 hours credit; 150 hours worked for 3 hours credit.

Failure to comply with either of these may result in a lower grade and/or credit hour reduction.

Apply for Scholarships

Sponsored by the Real Estate Society

Scholarship applications are accepted starting the first day of the semester up until the application deadline as announced. Applications received outside of these periods will not be accepted and the student will have to apply again during the open application period.

Only current real estate majors at the University of Georgia are eligible for scholarships.
You must also be a member of the Real Estate Society - see below for more details

Name and Address

Grades and Memberships



Selected Courses Completed With Grade Earned

REAL 4000:
Real Estate Principles

REAL 4800:
Internship in Real Estate

REAL 5070:
Real Estate Development

REAL 5200:
Real Estate Law

REAL 5080:
Principles of Valuation

FINA 3000:
Financial Management

REAL 5090:
Real Estate Asset

MIST 3000:
Statistical Analysis for Business I

REAL 5100:
Real Estate Finance

MIST 2090:
Introduction to Information
Systems in Business

Courses Currently Enrolled In

(use a different form field for each class)

Internships and Work Experience

(please list a maximum of three different internships or jobs for this section -- use a different box for each position)

University Activities, Honors and Organizations

(please list a maximum of three activities for this section -- use a different box for each activity)

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Important Notices

Please read the following notices. Submit your application by using the submit scholarship application button below.


  1. You must be a real estate major to receive a scholarship.
  2. You must be a member of the University of Georgia Real Estate Society to receive a scholarship.
  3. You must be of junior or senior standing, with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above or have a prior semester GPA of 3.0 or above.
  4. You must have successfully completed REAL4000 (RE390)
  5. Scholarship awards generally range from $50 to $400 per winner per semester.
  6. All scholarship recipients must attend the Real Estate Society's business meeting in order to receive the scholarship money. The time and date will be posted and announced prior to the meeting. All scholarship awards are subject to final approval by the Office of Student Financial Aid before checks are drawn.

Processing of this form may take about 30 seconds. You will receive a confirmation screen.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Undergraduate Student Services

For information related to networking and recruitment. The Office of Undergraduate Student Services in Terry College can tell you all about alumni panels, Employer of the Day, Terry Talks, New Student Welcome, mentorships, and many other opportunities to connect you with recruiters and alumni.

UGA Career Center

For information related to résumés and interviewing. The UGA Career Center is your best resource for résumé writing tips, career fairs, business etiquette advice, mock interviews, and countless other opportunities for professional development.